The How To of Amazon Book Reviews

There are hundreds if not thousands of indie authors who are constantly obsessed with reviews that their books, as well as others’, receive on the popular eCommerce platform Amazon. Why? Well, the reason is very simple. Amazon has become tdownload-89he largest marketplace in the world as far as eBooks and books are concerned.

It single-handedly launched and promoted indie authors and the self-publishing phenomenon, and if you are looking to sell your works on the platform, sooner or later, you are going to have to look into Amazon reviews. Like it or hate it, this is what is going to make your books sell.

Amazon realised the importance of reviews and started taking care of nepotistic reviews back in the year 2012. It is still unclear what and how these reviews are chosen – some have made some authors very angry. It is best, as a reviewer, to be transparent and honest in order for the platform to function as intended.

In the community guidelines section of the site, Amazon has listed a number of rules that you, as an author, must go through in order to have your books available for sale through the service. Some of the rules include how to deal with reviews. The problem is that these rules are not enforced on a very consistent basis – but until this changes, you can’t really do anything about it.

If you have received a negative review then let it be. Do not respond otherwise you will receive more negative reviews because Amazon users will realise that you can be engaged into a conversation this way – you will be trolled, essentially, which won’t be good for your business.

A review can only be written by a buyer which means that every review is legitimate if done this way. There is a caveat which is that even if you have bought the book elsewhere, you can leave a review on the site.