New Year Resolution Ideas by Famous Authors

Another year is here and it’s that time when people will be busy making New Year resolutions. But how many resolutions are actually taken seriously, and followed honestly? Most resolutions are made to be broken and if you do nbooks-1149959_960_720-1ot intend to follow or fulfil them, then perhaps you must do away with the practice all together.

But, if you are one of those people who do take them seriously, then here are some resolution ideas for you that are inspired by some of the best and most famous authors ever to live. Don’t forget to use them as meditation material!

Self-discipline is going to be the main focus this year because there is a strong need to begin and complete the third novel. Time cannot be a constraint and hence no excuses are permitted this year. A strict writing schedule is going to be made and followed – Louise O’Neill

Instead of stressing and fussing over things that do not matter or cannot be controlled, all the time will be focused on daydreaming and writing more books. Also, a part of the time is going to be devoted to reading more books – Jodi Meadows

Take a screenwriting course. Start working on a few long term projects. Finish a few of the long term projects that are pending. Begin writing on a topic that is not related to YA. Devote less time to the social media – Keren David

A simple resolution is always better than a complex one. With that thought in mind, more time will be spent in reading and less time will be devoted to browsing the Internet. Reading four hours a day is a good start – Meg Rosoff

I want to make a New Year’s prayer, not a resolution. I’m praying for courage. – Susan Sontag