More Women Authors to Look Out For

Continuing from the earlier post, here are some more women authors who are worth checking out:

Emma Donoghueemma-donoghue

Donoghue is an Irish-born author who is known for writing novels, plays and literary essays. However, she is best known to the rest of the world outside her home country for a breakthrough work, Room. The story revolves around the life of a five year old child who has been imprisoned in with his mother after she has been kidnapped by a serial sex offender. It is quite captivating to be able to see the world from the perspective of a child who knows nothing about the outside world. The movie adapted from the novel, by the same title, has been acclaimed as a fundamental piece of work, with fans and critics alike praising the performances of the whole cast.

Louise Erdrich

Erdrich likes to cover the Native American societies and tackle certain societal problems head on like identity crisis and race issues that are still prevalent in the modern society. She has written thirteen novels on the subject so far. She won a Pulitzer Prize in the year 2009 for her work The Plague of Doves.

Elizabeth Gilbert

She is the author behind the bestselling sensation Eat, Pray, Love which depicts the lives of a woman who is suffering from a mid-life crisis but are doing well financially. She was later approached by Hollywood to turn her novel into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

Sheila Heti

Before Sheila Heti became a breakthrough author, she was already a performer, an artist, a philosopher, and a playwright. When she did became a writer, her book How Should a Person Be, she was immediately recognised by the world over as a revolutionary author. It is commonly said that you must read her work in order to understand how you should aim to be.