Holiday Book Buying Guide

Another year has come and gone by – this is the time when you are planning on buying presents for your friends and immediate family. Some of these presents are obviously going to be books. They never go out of fashion and are a great katherenavermette1way to escape into a whole new world altogether! Here are some special recommendations:

Katherena Vermette recently published a book titled The Break – a work of fiction. It’s about the life of women who are living in the Winnipeg area and how they are fighting for their rights. The cast is comprised of females only and the story that is told of is a family saga. There are women who are being hunted and they are disappearing one by one.

Another book that you can buy is Missing Nimama that will take you on a journey that will explore the life of a Cree girl named Kateri. She is looking for her mother who is missing. What she doesn’t realize is that her mother has always been with her.

Witness, I Am is a collection of poems that was written and published by Gregory Scofield. Once again, the topic of missing indigenous women has been brought up in the form of a book and the concept of identity and belonging has been explored.

Will I See is a gripping book written by David Robertson and isKwe that explores the story of a teenager girl named May who is able to see and meet spirits around her. This story will keep you on your tenterhooks at all times. This book is not recommended for children, but is strictly for adults only.

So, now that you have a few books ideas in your mind, it is time for you to continue with your holiday shopping and buy some.