Good News for Native American Authors

Here is some good news for Native American authors who have been looking forward to the day when their works will be accepted in the High Plains Book Awards category. After almost ten years, the next instalment will create a whole new category for Native Americans. The news was just announced.

A new award has been recognised for efforts made by indigenous authors in the year 2017 in addition to the twelve prize categories that are already on the shelf. So, this y5947251291_37b111ed39_bear, there will be a total of thirteen prizes that will be assigned.

The official announcement was made by Montana State University, Billings Library – the very same is also going to be the official sponsor of the new category in question. For the longest time, this has been considered as under-represented. A lot of debate has been focusing on this issue, and all of it will be put to rest in 2017.

Megan Thomas, the MSUB library Interim Director, has said that this situation presents an opportunity to further the literary tradition and promote indigenous authors. This will also lead to a new generation of authors and tap into a new talent pool.

This is the 15th year of the High Plains BookFest, which will be organised in the month of October of 2017. The awards on the other hand will celebrate its 10th year anniversary. This is a landmark decision that will change lives.

The first award was given in the year 2006. It is specifically focused on the High Plains regions that are found in the Western part of the United States of America and cover the states of Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas.

So, if you are one of the authors who are living in the area, then this New Year, you have another reason to celebrate!