Authors Who Have Sold Over 100 Million Copies

It’s a common saying that reading is dead – especially lately. Those who believe so cannot be more wrong, because what follows is a list of authors who have sold over 100 million copies of their books, some even more!

Paulo Coelho is best kimages-33nown for his oeuvre called The Alchemist. The story revolves around a young shepherd who begins his journey to find an Egyptian treasure believing that this is his life’s destiny, and that when one truly embarks on a journey to fulfil his personal quest or “personal legend”, the entire universe conspires to help him. This book has been translated in over 81 languages. Coelho has other books to his claim and has sold over 350 million copies in aggregate.

Stephen King is another author who has sold over 350 million copies of his books. He has around 50 titles to his credit and continues to write to this day. His specialty? He writes in the horror fiction genre.

Recently, Dan Brown, author of Da Vinci Code crossed the 80 million copies mark. John Grisham is another writer who writes fiction, particularly in the legal sub-genre with much success – many of his books have been turned, like Stephen King’s, into blockbuster movies.

There are many mega bestselling authors too, especially thanks to the whole self-publishing and indie author movement. Here are some names for you to consider: Nora Roberts, Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, Ken Follett, and even more.

Internet has helped these authors achieve the unthinkable, bridging the gap between readers and authors, exposing them to various means of communication like social media and online forums that are now available at their disposal. In order to get in the mega author list, you need to sell at least 100 million copies of your work.

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